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Friday, January 27, 2012

Revivals Still Work

Some say the day of local church revivals is over. I suggest to you that God is still in the local church revival business. When we pray, prepare, preach and meet God's conditions for revival, He still sends revival.

This past week at Damascus Baptist Church of Graceville, Florida we experienced the fresh breath of God in revival. 15 saved (people saved each night), 4 baptized (one more than the church baptized all of last year) with others scheduled for baptism this Sunday and next Sunday and numerous other decisions. Pastor Jimmie Legg and his dear people were gracious hosts and did yeoman work preparing for and serving during the revival.

Also, each day we saw people make public decisions with 6 being saved in the chapel services at the Baptist College of Florida. In 2 separate small groups leaders indicated that revival was breaking out on campus. God is up to something wonderful at this great institution of higher education. Thank God for Dr. Tom Kinchen and his visionary leadership.

Revive us Again!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Revival in Graceville

Beginning Sunday morning, January 22 and continuing through Wednesday evening, January 25 I will be in revival at the Damascus Baptist Church of Graceville, Florida. Their dear pastor Brother Jimmie Legg is new at Damascus and doing a great work in the early months of his tenure there. Ask God to give us genuine revival that will result in a great harvest of souls.

Also, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning I will be preaching the Winter Revival at the Baptist College of Florida. What a wonderful opportunity and awesome responsibility God has given me in this assignment. The Baptist College of Florida is a flagship school in our Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Tom Kinchen the very capable President is doing an amazing job of leading this great school that trains future preachers of the gospel. Ask God to use us to inspire and challenge the students of this fine institution of higher education to develop hot hearts and willing spirits to be used of God to Change the World with God's Unchanging Word.

Finally, ask God to give you the opportunity to share the gospel with someone today. it will amaze you what He will do.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Read the Bible in 2012

Allow me to encourage you to read through your Bible in 2012. This will be one of the great journeys and achievements of your life. It is sad but true that most professing believers know about the Bible but have never read through the Bible. That is possibly the major reason there are so many "Baby Christians" in our churches today. Christian discipleship is impossible outside of a personal, disciplined and consistent reading of God's Word.

Some years ago I committed to reading through the Bible. I now read through the Bible approximately once every 90 days.  Once I read through the Bible in 48 days. One of the deacons, Bill Burchette, in the church I pastor read through the Bible 9 times in 2011. I share this to indicate that it can be done.

There are numerous Bible reading plans available on the internet. The process I follow is to read the Bible for one hour each day. Ruthi reads a specific number of pages in her Bible each day. My counsel is that any plan will work as long as you work the plan.

There are several benefits derived from reading the Bible through in 2012. The most obvious is that you will become more acquainted with God's Word. You will mature personally and spiritually from the process of making a commitment and keeping it. This will promote within you a growth in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. You will achieve a sense of personal accomplishment.

Make a commitment to stop simply reading books about the Bible and start reading the Bible. Pick up your Bible today and get started it will be one of your best experiences in life.

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Romans 1:16

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Following Jesus?

I read and hear much these days from folks who claim to be "just a follower of Jesus." While on the face of it this is an appropriate statement, what does it mean?

By observation it too often means I don't want to make a commitment to identify sacrificially with other believers.  Those who are "just followers of Jesus" often bounce from church to church and Bible study to Bible study. Staying only as long as it meets their fancy and their egos are being stroked. Their following Jesus is about them knowing more things and gaining more knowledge. This seems a lot like the heresy of Gnosticism.

Just being a follower of Jesus does include knowing more about God and His Word. However, it does not stop there. Being a follower of Jesus is allowing Him to rearrange your life to conform to His will. It means learning to live sacrificially. It means recognizing that your relationship with Christ is not about you it is about Him. It means loving that which He loved. It means a serious commitment to win the lost to Christ. It means becoming available to Christ for whatever purpose He has planned.

Our relationship with Christ is not a magic formula for blessing nor is it a rescue from the trials of life. It is to be a life changing commitment that redirects us to be a apart of His plan to evangelize the world with the gospel.

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