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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Read the Bible in 2012

Allow me to encourage you to read through your Bible in 2012. This will be one of the great journeys and achievements of your life. It is sad but true that most professing believers know about the Bible but have never read through the Bible. That is possibly the major reason there are so many "Baby Christians" in our churches today. Christian discipleship is impossible outside of a personal, disciplined and consistent reading of God's Word.

Some years ago I committed to reading through the Bible. I now read through the Bible approximately once every 90 days.  Once I read through the Bible in 48 days. One of the deacons, Bill Burchette, in the church I pastor read through the Bible 9 times in 2011. I share this to indicate that it can be done.

There are numerous Bible reading plans available on the internet. The process I follow is to read the Bible for one hour each day. Ruthi reads a specific number of pages in her Bible each day. My counsel is that any plan will work as long as you work the plan.

There are several benefits derived from reading the Bible through in 2012. The most obvious is that you will become more acquainted with God's Word. You will mature personally and spiritually from the process of making a commitment and keeping it. This will promote within you a growth in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. You will achieve a sense of personal accomplishment.

Make a commitment to stop simply reading books about the Bible and start reading the Bible. Pick up your Bible today and get started it will be one of your best experiences in life.

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Romans 1:16


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