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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Following Jesus?

I read and hear much these days from folks who claim to be "just a follower of Jesus." While on the face of it this is an appropriate statement, what does it mean?

By observation it too often means I don't want to make a commitment to identify sacrificially with other believers.  Those who are "just followers of Jesus" often bounce from church to church and Bible study to Bible study. Staying only as long as it meets their fancy and their egos are being stroked. Their following Jesus is about them knowing more things and gaining more knowledge. This seems a lot like the heresy of Gnosticism.

Just being a follower of Jesus does include knowing more about God and His Word. However, it does not stop there. Being a follower of Jesus is allowing Him to rearrange your life to conform to His will. It means learning to live sacrificially. It means recognizing that your relationship with Christ is not about you it is about Him. It means loving that which He loved. It means a serious commitment to win the lost to Christ. It means becoming available to Christ for whatever purpose He has planned.

Our relationship with Christ is not a magic formula for blessing nor is it a rescue from the trials of life. It is to be a life changing commitment that redirects us to be a apart of His plan to evangelize the world with the gospel.

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Blogger Tom Bryant said...

This is good stuff. Even for one who calls his blog "Just following Jesus", you have identified some problems I see in many people who say they are believers, but refuse to take a stand and be counted.

January 4, 2012 at 11:59 AM  

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