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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

They are Everywhere!

Lost people are everywhere! The problem we have reaching the lost is not in finding them The problem is being open and willing to share the gospel with them. Allow me to share two recent experiences.

A week ago Thursday evening, Ruthi and I met our dear friends Carl and Mary Sue Burch for dinner at a restaurant in Orlando, Florida. When our dinner arrived, I asked our server if there was anything that we could pray about on her behalf as we thanked God for our food. She indicated a specific personal need.

Following our meal I asked her where she attended church. Her response was that she did not attend in Orlando. I further asked her, "Do you know for certain that one day you will go to heaven?" Her response was, "No, but I would like to." I asked her for 2 minutes to share with her what the Bible indicates it takes to know for certain that you are going to heaven.  After she agreed I shared with her the Gospel. At that moment she was called away and promised to return. Following an approximate ten minute wait she returned and said, "What do I need to do to go to heaven?" There in that busy restaurant she bowed her head and committed her life to Jesus.

Last night, one of our deacons, Paul Alsop and I were at Sarasota Memorial Hospital visiting another Deacon, Steven Mainville, who had just had surgery. As we visited, Steven's male nurse came in to remove an I.V. line and Steven introduced me as his pastor. As he removed the line Steven commented on the pain, to which the nurse replied, "This is nothing compared to the pain Jesus suffered when they drove nails through his hands and feet."

When the nurse had completed his task. I asked him, "where do you attend church?" He responded with a vague answer, indicating he had recently moved to the area. I further asked him, "Do you know for certain that you will one day go to heaven?" He replied, "I have been thinking about that quite a lot." I responded by saying, "If you can give me 2 minutes, I can show you what the Bible says it takes to know for certain that you will go to heaven." In just a couple of minutes I shared the Gospel with him and he committed his life to Christ.

In both instances the time did not at first seem right to me.  A crowded restaurant or a busy hospital are not the most obvious places to share the Gospel. However, it was God's time and I am grateful that I followed His leading to share the Gospel.

It is our never ending assignment to tell them of Jesus the mighty to save. Keep your eyes and ears open and respond as God provides you the opportunity today to share the Gospel. They really are everywhere!

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