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Friday, August 26, 2011

Thank God for Good Teachers

My wife Ruthi and our daughter Solveig teach 3 year old boys and girls. This week they started with a new class of 15 boys and girls. As you would expect the week has been filled with new opportunities for both teachers and the boys and girls.

Wednesday morning Ruthi was teaching the boys and girls that God had created the world and all that we see and had created each one of them in His image. Following their "circle time" one of the little boys commented to Ruthi "God is a good guy isn't He." This little boy has learned a lesson that we need to learn and that is that God is good to his children. Later a child prayed "Thank you God for me." Again, this small child grasps that God is the author of his life.

Thank God for teachers that train up children in the truth of God's Word.

Attempting to Connect the Dots...

Romans 1:16

"A teacher affects eternity: he will never tell where his influence stops"
~ Henry Brooks Adams

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