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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Reward of Soul Winning

It was a quiet Saturday morning in November of 1975 that I led my first person to know Jesus as their Savior. I had spent the week navigating and driving for Jack Shelton, a layman, as he led men, women and young people to Christ. First with simple wonder and then with a great awe I watched as this layman presented the simple gospel and person after person gave their life to Jesus Christ. That week God placed within me a desire to be a personal soul winner.

That afternoon as I was driving home to shower and change for the evening revival service I felt compelled to stop and speak with a high school friend about Jesus. Dave and I had become friends when we played high school basketball together. In retrospect I did a very poor job of sharing the gospel. However, God had given me a divine appointment and after a few minutes Dave bowed his head and asked Jesus into his life. That was 36 years ago and I have not spoken to Dave in more than 32 years.

Today I received word that my friend Dave lost a long battle with a terminal disease and is now in heaven with the Lord. As I remember that Saturday afternoon 36 years ago I am grateful God allowed me to be the person who shared Jesus with Dave Hurless. During the intervening years God has allowed me many victories and rewards I do not deserve. One day I shall stand around the throne of God and among the people I shall reunite with will be Dave Hurless. I am satisfied with the reward of being a soul winner.

Attempting to connect the dots...
R. Wayne Briant
Romans 1:16

"Let's quit fiddling with religion and do something to bring the world to Christ."
-Billy Sunday

Saturday, July 23, 2011

God Grants Souls

The past two weeks have been exceptionally busy. Two funerals, great ministry opportunities at Southside, facilitating decision making at a church in crisis, and all of the regular pastoral stuff, etc...

However, during this time God has been good. Nearly 50 people prayed to receive Jesus at the 2 funerals and I have been privileged to lead 2 young men to Christ in the past 3 days. I have often stated that the best tonic (for me personally) is to be a part of seeing people saved.

It is great to be a preacher of the gospel and a soul winner. Thank God for His blessing.

Attempting to connect the dots…

Romans 1:16

"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise."
Proverbs 11:30

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