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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Last Friday, Matthew Warren, son of mega-church pastor, Rick Warren committed suicide. Our concern and prayers are expressed for the Warren family and the Saddleback Church. Among the griefs of life the death of a child is possibly the most difficult with which to grapple.

As I contemplate this tragedy I am reminded that the parsonage is not exempt from the griefs and sorrows of life. Sorrow invades every life. In a day when mega-church pastors are almost deified  we must be reminded that they and their families are still human beings with the same frailness and phobias we all possess. Being successful and spiritual does not exempt you from the difficulties and heartaches of life. I fear critics will lambaste the faith that pastor Warren proclaims. Their cynicism will show their callousness that so identifies our culture.

Vance Havner said at the death of his beloved wife, "Something is not lost when you know where it is." Havner knew his beloved wife was with Jesus. Matthew is alive with Jesus today, he is not lost, we know where he is.

Pray for Rick Warren and his wife Kay that God might provide them with peace that passes all understanding through our Savior Jesus Christ.

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