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Friday, December 21, 2012

Playing Games

“Some men die by shrapnel, and some go down in flames, but most men perish inch by inch, playing at little games”
It is sad, but true, that our lives are enveloped by those who are manipulating us by their agenda. The huge rhetoric over the "fiscal cliff." The call for gun control legislation. The radical left and its ongoing desire to snuff out Biblical Christianity. These agendas are real. They flesh out purposeful stratgeies to accomplish the desired goals of there proponents. Drama is used to motivate us to a desired end. Tragdy is taken avantage of to push us along in the direction of others goals. Lies are justified as a means to a desired end. We would be wise to recognize that there are people playing games with our life.

This is true even of the Christian community. While we criticize the secular agendas of politicians, Athiests and percieved liberals we must be careful to not play the same games. Power, Theology and Recognition have become the field upon which many Christians play out their game. For many the Christian life is just another of life's games. A lack of genuine to commitment to Christ and His Church is often evident by many who simply play Christian and play Church for personal gain.

Our Savior weeps over the lostness and emptiness of the games the world plays. However, His heart breaks over the games His children play. Friend, Jesus is God's Son who died to pay for your sin. There is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. Eternity is long and Jesus is still the only hope for our dark, decaying culture.

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior join me in making new and deeper commitments to make an eternal difference for Him and an eternal difference for some lost soul by winning them to faith in Christ. Don't be guilty of just "playing the game."

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