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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How You Should Vote

I was recently asked by a friend who is not a member of our Church, "How Should I Vote on November 6?"

After listening to his displeasure with the current state of our nation and particularly the political processes. Here is my response:

  1. Vote! The worst possible response for an American is to fail to exercise one of our greatest privileges, the vote.
  2. Vote with prayer! If you know Jesus as your Savior ask Him to guide you in the process of voting. God is interested in what happens in America for God is interested in what happens in the lives of His people who are Americans.
  3. Vote with knowledge! Become knowledgeable about the issues on the ballot as well as the platforms of the political parties and the individuals running for office. Your vote should come from your first hand discernment NOT the warmed over rhetoric of the media and/or so-called political pundits whom you may know.
  4. Vote with responsibility! Take personal responsibility for the votes you cast. Those whom are elected will represent you for the term of their service.
  5. Vote with conviction! The election is not about selecting a single political party. The election is about electing the people who will best represent you and your convictions. There are no perfect candidates(contrary to what we are told). Find the person(s) who will best represent your convictions and support them and vote for them.

In my opinion this election is the most important in our nation in this generation. The challenges we face as a nation are mounting every day. We do not need another failed plan created by politicians for the benefit of politicians. We desperately need wise Godly leadership such as that of our storied history as a nation. Plan to exercise the right of casting your ballot, Tuesday, November 6.

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