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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment comes to every life. How do we deal with it?

Don't ...
... give up. For some, the first reaction to a disappointment is to give up. Giving up can me identified by withdrawing from relationships and/or people. It can be identified by sleeping more than you normally sleep. It can be identified by a spirit of surrender to the cause of the disappointment, for instance, a lost job or a failed relationship.
... get mad. Sometimes disappointment causes us to become angry. Someone has taken advantage of us and others have deceived us.This causes us to lash out not only at the object of our anger but also at those who desire to assist us.
... gravitate to sin. When we are disappointed it is easy for Satan to entice us to sinful thoughts, desires and actions. Sin is the direct path to greater disappointment.
... gather excuses. Simply stated disappointment often leads to blaming someone or something else with your situation. Excuses become a weak crutch for our disappointment. A crutch that will soon collapse.

Do ...
... determine to change your circumstance. Get back in the game. Your disappointment will only be resolved as you find satisfaction and success in life. These things do not come looking for you, you must go looking for them.
... develop a positive attitude. Your attitude will impact every portion of your life; family, work, church, and even your relationship with Jesus. Attitude is the most important personal characteristic you have control over. Make up your mind that you are going to have a positive attitude.
... define your relationship with Jesus. Make sure that you have a right relationship with the Lord. Your life as a believer is wrapped up in your relationship with the Lord. If your relationship with Jesus is not right then the circumstances of your life will not be right.
... decide to take responsibility. Almost without exception you are where you are because of decisions that you have made in life. The blame game will not change your circumstance. Take personal responsibility for where you are and then take steps to move forward in life.
... define your life with gratitude. Be grateful to God for what you have and who you are. Life is not about where you failed or what you lost. God has given you more than circumstance has taken away. Be grateful for your salvation, your church and your loved ones. Look around you, there are people who are having a much more difficult time than you are having.

Recognize ...

.. that as a follower of Jesus Christ, this world is not your home. There is a coming day when you shall be at home with Jesus and all disappointments will be turned to eternal joy. Anticipate that day with a great expectation.

Attempting to Connect the Dots...

Romans 1:16


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