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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tell the Story

As we approach the annual celebration of the resurrection of our Savior allow me a devotional outline under the thought, "Tell the Story of Easter."

Tell the story of:

  • Passion - The Easter story speaks of the love God has for all of humanity.
  • Provision - The Easter story declares the provision for our sin Christ purchased in His blood.
  • Propitiation - The Easter story reminds us that Jesus is the means, the only means, whereby our sin is forgiven.
  • Promise - The Easter story reminds us that God keeps His promise to us.
  • Power - The Easter story proclaims the power of Christ to conquer every foe, even the final enemy of death.
  • Prophecy - The Easter story causes us to look forward to the return of Christ and the ultimate resurrection of the saved.
  • People - The Easter story reminds us of just how important individual lost people are to our Savior. If they are that important Him they must become that important to us. 

This week we have a great opportunity to "Tell the Story." Don't miss the opportunity to tell the greatest story ever told. You will make an eternal difference in at least 2 lives. The life of the person you tell and your own life, for you will never be the same when you "tell the story."

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