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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Attitude or Ability

I have been musing the past several days on the question, "Which is more important attitude or ability?' I have concluded once again that that a good attitude is more important that good ability. Ability and skill can be taught to a person that has a good positive attitude. While the person with a poor attitude cannot be taught anything.

A good attitude will carry you through the daily challenges each of us face. Life is filled with challenges. the question is not will you face challenges but when will the challenges come. When we have the right attitude we will face these challenges as opportunities.

A person with a good attitude is more enjoyable to be around. They infuse in their daily relationships an optimism and "can do" spirit that is contagious and makes life a joy rather than a task.

A person with a good attitude brings out the best in others. They are a source of encouragement and hope. They share the spirit of optimism that permeates their life with those they labor beside.

A person with a good attitude exhibits their faith in the Lord Jesus. Whatever you may face today Jesus is still Lord. He will walk you through to the other side.

A person with a good attitude accomplishes more than a person with a poor attitude. Those who are positive begin the work and see it through to its conclusion. The challenges any task may bring do not deter them from accomplishing their goal.

A person is responsible for their own attitude. Having a positive attitude is a choice each of us make each day. we cannot blame circumstance, other people or lack of resources on our poor attitude. We decide the spirit with which we approach our day and our life. The Bible reminds us "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

One of the great character traits any individual can possess is a good attitude. Choose to have one today.

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