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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let the Church Be the Church

Modern Christianity is struggling with her role in the 21st century. It seems as if the church is trying to find a place in this day. I believe the church must answer the question: "Will we be a pacifying voice or a prophetic voice?" Allow me to address the question and make a few observations.

When the church becomes a pacifying voice relevance trumps righteousness. In this mind set the church is constantly finding a way to accommodate the desires and perceived needs of a culture that is clearly identified by it's narcissism. A culture of consumerism defines our generation and this consumerism has infected the church. There is an ongoing attempt to fashion the message of the gospel in such a way as to be appealing to the target audience of the church. Doctrinal integrity is played down and sadly often sacrificed. Performance replaces participation in worship. Many church growth methodologies are simply an attempt to mark out a niche for the church. Here success is defined by "getting the job done" which is equated with bigger crowds and bigger budgets.

When the church is a prophetic voice her measure of success becomes faithfulness. Here the desire is the clear and complete presentation of the gospel. Discipling and spiritual growth are not buzz words but the evidence of a Biblical approach to church life. The work of the Great Commission is not a validation for our activity but the driving force of all that we say and do. Obedience to the Lord and faithful proclamation both publicly and personally are the most highly valued actions. Participation of the members of the body is valued more than quality of performance. Instead of being a reflection of the culture the church sets a standard of accountability for the culture. This role for the church is typically not well received by the culture.

A few observations:

1.  God set the role for the church 2000 years ago. We have no business, because of a perceived cultural demand, changing that role.
2.  When the church lives with a prophetic voice the culture not only experiences positive change, it experiences the blessing of God.
3.  When the church fails to live with a prophetic voice there is an obvious cultural decay. This can be seen today and throughout history.
4.  God's role for the church is unique. We are to be salt in a decaying society. We are to be light in a dark world.

Let the Church Be the Church!

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