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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Few Humble Musings

Much has already been written concerning the election of 2012. No doubt many wiser and more prominent personalities will weigh in in the the days ahead. Allow me a few humble musings.

The election results reveal a continuing secularization of America. Two possibly three states passed amendments approving same sex marriage. The elected President campaigned on the most secular platform in the history of our nation. Recently, Lifeway research revealed that 20% of Americans claim no religious preference. These reveal a dramatic and rapid shift away from a culture that has been identified by a Judeo-Christian ethic.

The election results reveal a growing participation on the part of the electorate. This is a good thing. Apathy is a great enemy to democracy. Interestingly, evangelical voters who comprise one of the single largest voting blocks seem to not be as interested in participating.

The election reflects the growing ethnic and cultural diversity of our nation. Young voters, African-American voters and Hispanic voters are increasing as the populace continues to grow in theses groups. America is no longer dominated by an Anglo ethos.

The election reveals a continued division in our nation. The popular vote may prove to be the closest in history. However, this division is not new nor is it likely to disappear.

This election reveals the need for believers to trust God. My candidate did not win. I did not win all of
of the races or issues upon which I voted. However, the sun still rose this morning and God is still on His throne. While we may not understand all that God is doing in America, He has a plan and He is still God. We must trust Him.

The election reveals the need for believers to obey the Word of God. We have exercised the privilege of voting. Now we must pray for those who have been elected. Pray that God will cause a change of heart where such change is needed. Pray that God will guide and over shadow our leaders. Pray that America might once again become the kind of nation that God can bless. With all of its challenges, America is still the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

I could probably go on. Allow me to close with this thought.

We are rapidly becoming a culture that is eerily similar to the culture the first century church faced. A culture that persecutes Christian faith. A culture that is in opposition to the teachings of the Word of God. A culture that is in desperate need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Remember, it was in this culture that the Gospel flourished and ultimately changed the civilized world.

The solutions to the problems our nation faces are not political, they are spiritual. When God's people become light in a dark world and salt in a decaying culture, then God will heal our land. We must live for Jesus passionately and proclaim His Gospel personally and corporately.

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