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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Soul Winners Reward

Last summer I received a phone call from a North Carolina pastor indicating that a man he had recently baptized would be in Sarasota for several weeks visiting with a lost friend. The pastor requested that we make an attempt to share the gospel with this lost friend.

The new Christian visited our services the following Sunday and reiterated the request. On the following Monday evening, our Deacon Chairman, Ed Baker and I visited with the new Christian and his lost friend. After a few minutes of a wonderful visit I asked the lost friend the following question, "If you were to die tonight, do you know for certain that your soul is going to heaven?" She responded by saying she was not sure but would like to know. In just a few minutes I shared with her the gospel of God's love and grace and she prayed to receive Christ. This elderly lady was active in a church from another denomination and we encouraged her to share her commitment to Jesus with her pastor. Following the visit Brother Baker and I rejoiced in God's goodness allowing us to be participants in seeing this dear elderly lady come to Jesus.

Now for the rest of the story. Last Wednesday evening the pastor who had originally requested we make a soul winning visit was in our service. Following the service he shared with me that the elderly lady who had received Jesus had gone on to heaven 2 weeks after our visit.

Soul Winning is not a church program of growth or the activity of a specific night. Soul Winning is the response of an obedient heart to the command of our Savior. This precious lady did not show up in an annual report nor did she increase our attendance or income, however she is in heaven today and that is reward enough for me.

Souls are lost, dying and going to hell without Jesus. Let us, with the urgency born of their great need, do our best to win them to Jesus.

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