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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pastors Need to Win Souls

This morning I was thrilled to read the Facebook post of Dr. Ted Traylor, pastor of the Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola, Florida where he recorded his experience in leading a young man to pray to receive Christ.

I fear far to many pastors have become CEO's who instruct and admonish their flock while they fail to practice what they preach. There is no area where this is more prevalent than in the area of personal soul winning. It is my experience that while most pastors will talk about personal soul winning and encourage their people to win souls, there are far to few who are practicing personal soul winners. Soul wining is an area where the pastor must lead by example.

I have always been grateful for Dr. Traylor's preaching and leadership in our denomination. Olive Baptist is a mega-church with a pastor who has a mega-heart for the lost. Thank you Dr. Traylor for sharing your experience in personal soul-winning. May the rest of us go and do likewise.

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