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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Doing Funerals

In the five day period beginning Friday, December 6 and continuing through Tuesday, December 10, I conducted four Funerals or Memorial Services for people who had no affiliation with our church, Southside Baptist Church of Sarasota, Florida. Someone asked why I would do that. There are three reasons I conduct Funeral or Memorial services for people not affiliated with Southside.

The first is conviction. I believe in the innate dignity of human beings, all human beings. People who have not been reached by the ministry of a church that preaches the gospel are just as worthy of a Funeral or Memorial service as those who are a part of the ministry of a gospel preaching church.

The second is ministry. As we all know the death of our loved ones is often a traumatic time. Those that are left behind need to know that someone from the family of God cares about them in their time of sorrow. Ministry must not be limited to only those who have been reached with the gospel. There is a huge population of people who need to know that God loves them and that God's man and God's people care about them in their time of sorrow.

The third is evangelism. Often, those not affiliated with the church need to hear the gospel. Family members do not need to have their deceased loved one "preached" into heaven. However, they do need to hear the good news that Jesus, loves them, died to pay for their sin and rose from the grave to give them victory over death. For many it may well be the only time that they will hear the gospel and have opportunity to receive Jesus. I am privileged to preach to more lost people at funerals than at any other gathering. It has amazed me to see literally thousands of people, across 36 years, who have prayed to receive Jesus at the close of a service honoring their loved one.

Finally, I have always been honored to be a preacher of the Gospel and to represent both God and the church to those who do not know Him.

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