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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Not?

My good friend and co-laborer in the Lord Dr. Ronald Fullerton recently asked me to give him ten reasons as to why saved people do not win souls. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. They do not believe in the horribleness of hell. They say that they do. However, a genuine belief in hell, a place where there the fire is never quenched and the worm dieth not, would drive us to the task of soul wining.
  2. They do not know how. Our people must be taught to be soul winners.
  3. They are not properly inspired. People must be challenged regularly from our pulpits to win souls. They must see the consistent efforts of their pastor in soul winning.
  4. They are afraid of what others might say about them. Our people must be taught to worry more about what God thinks about them than what the world thinks about them.
  5. They do not properly reverence and love God. If they genuinely loved and reverenced our Lord they would be eager to do what He has commanded them to do.
  6. They do not care about others. Sadly, many professing Christians simply do not care about the lostness of those around them.
  7. They do not have a relationship with God, they are lost themselves. People who know not God cannot influence others who know not God to know God.
  8. They are too busy. When you are too busy to win souls you are too busy!
  9. They are not filled with the Holy Spirit. The filling of the Holy Spirit drives us to the task of personal soul winning.
  10. They do not believe in the sweetness of heaven. Those who genuinely believe in a sweet heaven that will be ours for a long eternity will desire above all else to share that eternity with their friends and family.

The scripture clearly teaches that every twice born believer is enlisted by the act of conversion in the army of soul winners. Soul winning is not an option in the New Testament it is a mandate. Join in the world’s greatest work, soul winning, today.

Attempting to connect the dots…

Romans 1:16

“We are praying for sinners to come to God; God is pleading with saints to go for sinners.”
– Unknown


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