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Monday, May 25, 2009

Dr. Tom Kinchen

Last week I attended the annual meeting of the Baptist College of Florida Board of Trustees. At this meeting we broke ground on a new World Missions and Evangelism Center, dedicated new family housing, and dedicated a new administrative building. All of this is done without incurring any debt during an economic recession. To God be the glory.

Also, we recognized Dr. Kinchen at the occasion of his 19th anniversary as President of the college. When Dr. Kinchen arrived at the college plans were in place to close the college within one year. During his tenure he has provided extraordinary leadership. Endowments have grown exponentially, enrollment has reached an all time high, and his vision for the future of the college is clear and challenging. God has used Dr. Kinchen to create at the Baptist College of Florida one of Southern Baptists finest educational entities. What has happened under his presidency is a miracle of biblical proportion.

In a day when most educational institutions are straying from God’s Word and the Great Commission the Baptist College of Florida remains firmly lashed to the both. The motto: “Changing the World through the Unchanging Word” is strategic guidance for all that is happening at the college. I am honored to be associated with this wonderful school.

We congratulate Dr. Kinchen for his consistent, Godly leadership and nineteen wonderful years of God blessed victory.

Attempting to connect the dots…

Romans 1:16

“Everything in Baptist life rises and falls on leadership”
~ Dr. Lee Roberson


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