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Friday, July 30, 2010

Something to Pray For

Prayer is one of the great privileges of being a child of God. Sadly, far too many believers never exercise this privilege. Many that do only exercise this privilege while in crisis. Only a remnant knows the joy of a relationship with Christ that is bathed in prayer.

Often our prayer life is bounded on the north and the south by need and desires and on the east and the west by crisis and family. We pray for health and wealth. We pray for wisdom and strength. We pray for missionaries and pastors. All of these are good and right.

Allow me to add a request to your prayer list. Ask God to make you a personal soul winner and to give you a love for the souls of men. It will amaze you what God will do in your life. Opportunities to win the lost will suddenly present themselves. People will become open and responsive to the gospel that you share. James tells us, “Ye have not because ye ask not.”

Peter tells us, “God is not willing that any should perish but that all will come to repentance.” It is the purpose of God to win the lost to Himself. Gloriously, it is also His purpose to use you and me in this process. The clog in the bottleneck of the great commission is you and me. When we become burdened to win souls the clog breaks free and God works through us to do the work of the great commission.

This prayer will alter your life and the lives of many who will spend eternity in heaven because you became a soul winner.

Attempting to connect the dots…

Romans 1:16

“If you found a cure for cancer, wouldn’t it be inconceivable to hide it from the rest of mankind? How much more inconceivable to keep silent about the cure from the eternal wages of sin, which is death.”
- Dave Davidson


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