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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Will We Have a Great Commission Resurgence?

Last Tuesday afternoon Southern Baptists voted by a margin of 3 to 1 to adopt the report of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, what now? The Executive Committee and the appropriate agencies will respond and begin the process of implementing the recommendations of the task force. I find myself asking the question, will this bring about a Great Commission Resurgence?

The task force accurately diagnosed that Southern Baptists are suffering from a general apathy toward the Great Commission that is symptomatic of a greater spiritual problem, rebellion against our Savior and His command. They then prescribed an organizational and financial solution for this spiritual problem. This is akin to your physician diagnosing you with a heart problem and prescribing that you begin chemotherapy.

We can only position ourselves for a Great Commission Resurgence, when and only when, local churches call their people to revival and spiritual renewal. Can the reorganizing and restructuring of finances be used to bring about a Great Commission Resurgence? OF course these things can become tools in the grand scheme of our Southern Baptist work. However, until we lead our people to become hot-hearted soul winners and personally committed to a missional, sacrificial lifestyle we shall fall short of the task of taking the gospel to the nations.

Southern Baptists have spoken. It is time to set aside the debate and get about the business of joining hands to take the gospel to the world. A lost world is waiting to see if our deeds match our words. Let's take the gospel to a lost and hurting world.

Attempting to connect the dots…

Romans 1:16

"There is nothing in the world or the Church — except the church's disobedience — to render the evangelization of the world in this generation an impossibility."
— Robert Speer


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