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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tom Kinchen

I serve as the Administrative Committee Chairman for the Baptist College of Florida Board of trustees. This past Thursday and Friday the board conducted its fall meeting. Allow me several observations.

The college is in excellent condition.I participated in a four hour evaluation meeting on Thursday morning. We were tasked with evaluating the stewardship of resources provided for the college by outside donors and Florida Baptists. There is a high level of accountability of all assets of the college. Dr. R.C. Hammrack is to be commended for his excellent service. I would that our governement operated as efficiently and with as much accountability. There is no waste at the college.

There is a wonderful spirit on the campus. Faculty and administration set an exemplary tone for God to move in the hearts of the students. The student center has been renovated and enlarged to provide for appropriate space for the students to fellowship and to develop their theological skills. It is a perfect enviroment.

Finally, this is made possible because of the visionary leadership of our president, Dr. Tom Kinchen. Someone has forgotten to notify him of the recession. New buildings withplans for more, new degree programs (expanding to a Master in Arts in Christian Studies, as well as otheres) and an increase in assets in 2009 of more than $970,000.00. All of this while operatiing on a reduced budget. It was a good day when God sent Tom Kinchen to the Baptst College of Florida.

The Baptist College of Florida is one of the marvelous success stories of the cooperative mnistries of Florida Baptsts.

Attempting to connect the dots...

R. Wayne Briant
Romans 116

"Nothing can be rightly known, if God be not known; nor is any study well managed, nor to any great purpose, if God is not studied. We know little of the creature, till we know it as it stands related to the Creator..."

~ Richard Baxter


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